Running and rioting at UNZA

I started my first morning in Zambia with jogging in the University of Zambia (UNZA) campus area where we're staying at the moment. People were looking at me smiling, and I was sure they were thinking: who is that crazy white person running in this hot weather? I run out of the campus and when coming back I suddenly saw other people running, too. Quite rapidly, I understood those people were not exercising, but there was a police car chasing them. It had to be the riots.

I heard about the riots at the University just day before when we met one guy at the campus bar. He told us he was one of those people organising the riots. As I understood it, the riots are some kind of demonstrations against the government and the increasing prices of fuel and other goods.

So, when I saw the masses of people running, and the police car approaching us, I increased the pace, and run towards our small compound inside of the campus. I asked some girls what was going on, and they confirmed the rioting was on, and I better go back to my room if I didn't want to get hurt. The police was said to use tear gas.

The tv news tell the University recommends students to rather concentrate on their studying than wasting their time on rioting. The president Sata has said for Lusakatimes the rioting students should be arrested. It seems we have arrived here just in the middle of very exciting times. People told us not to go to the main entrance of the campus, where the rioting is going on. Anyhow, while jogging I got to know the hoods a bit, and found a back entrance that will be very useful now.

So soon getting out of the campus to see more of Lusaka. Let see how long time the riots will be going on, and what will happen in the campus. Will try to have some pics and interviews of the situation maybe later, if possible. Have a great Friday!


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