City of Stars

Last weekend I made a trip to Lilongwe, Malawi to see the music and art festival called City of Stars. It used to be by the lake and was called Lake of Stars but this year the festival has moved to the capital city to attract more people. Anyway, the place was beautiful and the artists were great. Here are few pictures of the most memorable performers of the festival.

It is not often that the main stage is occupied by a poet. But in this case it couldn't have been otherwise. Malawian Q Malewesi (left) was amazing. He has lot to say and the way he said it, I was hypnotised. My favourite poem was called Wikipedia, hope I'll hear it again some day.

Sauti Sol (right) from Kenya was a very interesting band. Unlike most of the African artists at the festival they didn't play reggae or hiphop music but were more into some type of pop-rock music. The guys from the band were – diplomatically said – quite 
characters and it was a lot of fun to 
watch them performing... 

Tumi (left) was one of my favourites. I never even heard about the South African hiphop artist but his beats made me dance which is always a good sign.

The only artists that I knew beforehand were of course Zambians. There were Fly5 which includes few of my favourite artists: Pompi, Slap Dee, JK and Cactus Agony. With them on the stage were also Cleo (right) – a girl famous for the Big Brother Africa. Her signing didn't convince me but she has attitude and can rap no doubt.


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