World through new lenses

Last Tuesday I had a chance to try my friend's Nikkor 85 mm lens. A real portrait lens. It was amazing. I was hooked right away. Few days and I bought the lens second hand. One day and I had my first shoot. 

Like the lens, the model was awesome, too. Some of us are clearly born to be models. There are still more pics of Fany coming up soon. This is just the beginning. 

Watch out! Me and my lens will have no limits at all.


  1. Great shot..I applaud the capturer

  2. Haha :D Thank you Fany! I think it was the right combination of everything! :)

  3. Wonderful to see an art of camera ..nice caption with amazing photos :)..I am waiting to see more :D

  4. Thank you Edo! You'll see more very soon! :) And maybe you want to model yourself, too?


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