Glimpse of Lapland

It's kind of embarrassing to admit that I'm a Finn and haven't ever been to Lapland. Till now.

I've always wished to travel up-north but it's a bit expensive. So I have rather flown to London or Copenhagen or somewhere else where the cheap flight companies go and where I have friends that can accommodate me for free. In Lapland I know no one and the tickets can cost a lot.

But luckily, last month my mum got some cheap train tickets to Rovaniemi and wanted to accomplish her long-time dream: travel on a night train and go to Lappland. And I was in of course, since I hadn't done any of those things either. So we took off.

And although it was just a three-day-trip and I mainly saw just the city and its surroundings, I think it gave me some sort of idea what Lapland can be (when I one day do a proper visit there).

I was so much into this view that I didn't notice I step on a dog shit just there...


Like a post card.


The view from the Ounasvaara observation tower. Even my mum made it up there although she's afraid of high places. And she got down, too, without fainting. Very proud!


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