Back to the business

Updating a blog in Zambia seems to be bit of a challenge for me. First of all, the days been very long and busy, and secondly, the internet access...well no need to mention that downloading the picture below took almost for an hour...

Anyhow, after the intensive course at UNZA, I've had few days off. During those days I've been familiarizing with the city: trying to get used to the mini buses, walking around, joining a basketball team, and enjoying the nightlife. Besides the fun side, I also start working on my freelance stories. On Friday, I had honour to visit Barefeet's office in Thorn Park. Before coming to Lusaka, I did some research online, and I happened to come across with Barefeet theatre. Barefeet is a kind of mixture of an NGO and a performing group. It started as workshops for street children but has lately grown into a more extensive project. During this summer (or here it is winter) I will be photographing their workshops and other activities, and making a story out of it. So most likely you will hear more about that a bit later.

Right now I'm pretty nervous. Tomorrow I will start my internship in one of the biggest newspapers in this country. And to be honest it scares me a lot. I'm mainly worried about my English isn't good enough: I don't get what the interviewees are saying nor can make any comprehensible news out of it...The fact is that I've never been that good with languages. And thanks to my perfectionist character, I've been too shy to use properly the little knowledge I had.

But I do learn things when I have to. That is why I took this crazy challenge and came here for this exchange/internship thingy, even though it might be difficult, and will definitely put me out of my comfortable zone. Actually, one reason why I also write this blog in English is that I want to improve my language skills. So anytime, feel free to correct me if I'm making any mistakes :)


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