Image of Lusaka

It's been now almost a month in Lusaka, and it feels more or less home. I'm sometimes playing with the thought that what if I'd just stay here. I guess I could if I'd just find something to do. The only thing that is missing here is the sea. Otherwise I'm pretty happy with everything.

Now, I've finally managed to take the camera with me few times, and have also some picture material to share. Since I don't have anything special to say today, let's just enjoy of the pics. More of them will be coming, now then I started snaping again.

                                         The tallest building of Lusaka

                                          Lusaka town on Sunday when everybody's at
                                          the church

Kabwata art and craft market where I did some 
small shopping yesterday, earings and jewellery, 
 of course

                                          The view from the basketball hall's window


  1. Stop those kinds of crazy ideas that stay there! It was nice to see those photos. BR. mam


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