Journalism - a good excuse

I must say I'm fully enjoying my profession here in Zambia. Being a journalist is a great excuse to sneak into places you wouldn't been able to go otherwise - and even take some pictures while there. If I haven't been doing this internship, I wouldn't ever had change to go to all the different ministries and compounds that I visited so far. I can't be more grateful. And yes, I finally started bringing along my camera, and some of my pictures will be published in the paper. So it's great chance for me to play a photographer, too. Here few pics from this week.

 The view from the window of the Ministry of Agriculture

 Reception at the Ministry of Agriculture

 Some street life in Lusaka

 On our way to Kanyama compound (compound means a slum here)

 Somewhere in Kanyama, that black thing is some kind of wood used for warming the houses etc.

Lusaka city from the driver's angle.


  1. Fine pictures. In particular I like the lowes photo. I see, you have the steering on the right side. Keep careful with your camera! In many sides.


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