Kids of the Garden

Where ever I go and try to take pictures, there is always a bunch of children who start posing voluntarely. And then they are excited to see their faces on the camera's screen. And most of the times, I don't have anything against it. Kids are inspiring and make good pictures, so I just go ahead and snap.

However, I feel a bit awkward sometimes. If I'd be in Finland taking pictures of random kids on the streets, there would be soon a number of parents chasing me and asking why am I taking pics of their kids and where are these pictures going to be published. Actually, I wouldn't even bother taking any photoes whithout asking permission. So why should I act differently here? Simply, because some of these kids do not even have parents to ask permission from?

Basically, I have taken the pics in a public place and the kids been more than willing to be in the pictures, so why not. Another thing is publishing the pictures. I don't know if I have right to do it. But still I do it. Because these pictures tells a story. This story is from the place called Garden, one of the compounds in Lusaka.

Eager to see a muzungu (a white person) in the neighborhood.

Ruins of a former police station and the burned cars.

Jumping on the shadow.

Playground a la Garden.

The kids' poses are sometimes like straight from the rap videos.

A cardboard box can make an amazing toy.

Four girls walking home.


  1. Quite exciting! Nice pictures, especially I like this jumping girl and the bottom pic with 4 girls. Its funny, too. BR. mamma


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