Livingstone in pictures

As every visitor in Zambia, last weekend I fullfilled my responsibility and went to Livingstone and to the Victoria Falls. And I did some safari, too. And it was fun. Especially the lions were my favorites. On my other blog, there are already some pictures of the journey, so I won't post the same pics here but will concentrate on the more artsy ones.

My journey here in Zambia is officially half way now. I ended my internship on last Friday, just before my trip to Livingstone. Now, rest of my stay is dedicated to freelancing, which I'm very much looking forward to. I had one interview already today, and planning to do more next week. My own projects are still somewhat unclear but the more I work on them, the more I will be also writing about them here on my blog. And since I've moved to a new place and got an unlimited internet access, I've good chances to report a bit more than I've done before.


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