My new love: Kwaito

When I was in Nigeria I fell in love with the Nigerian music, artists such as 2Face, P-Square and D'Banj. Since that, and actually even before that, I've familiarized myself with different type of African music. Through friends and youtube I've found new favorite artists from Tanzania, Ghana, Senegal, Mali and elsewhere. Before coming to Zambia I did my homework and search for some Zambian songs, and liked them, especially Mampi.

However, when I got here and went to clubbing it wasn't only Zambian music that made me go crazy. In the clubs, you can hear also a lot of Nigerian and South African music. And it was the latter one that made me fall in love this time. I don't know how I could have missed kwaito music earlier. Maybe because you cannot hear it anywhere in Finland or Sweden. And that has to change, that's why I'm writing this post and giving you links to two of my favorite kwaito songs.

Now you are asking what type of music it is? According to our friend wikipedia, it is house music with African sounds and some similarities to hip hop. In Zambia, you can hear kwaito everywhere: in clubs, in taxis and mini buses, at super markets, as a warmimg up music for basketball game (works very well). I love it. And you better give it a chance, too. So here you go: two excellent kwaito songs that make me go smiling and dancing. And the videoes aren't bad either. Enjoy!




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