From Kalamaja to Kadrioru park

As a typical Finnish tourist going for a day-trip to Tallin, I've spent most of my time in Tallin walking around the old town, going in to the new shopping malls next to Viru hotel and buying cheap wine close to the harbour. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but I always felt there's more to see in Tallin.

The last day of June me and my friend took a ferry to Tallin. And this time I went out of my comfy zone and jumped into a tram and went outside of the city centre. The old tram took us first to Kalamaja and Kopli and then to the opposite direction to Kadrioru park. And the camera, of course, documented many of these places.

First, we had some difficulties to move away from the harbour area since we happened to find very interesting and even a bit scary looking Linnahall building, some sort of sports and concert venue, that looked more like an empty jail to me. 

Finally we got in a tram, and found our way to Kalamaja. It was a lively area full of old log houses that looked like they could be from my grandma's childhood. I loved them.

 In the other end of the tram line, there were Kadrioru park. After few modelling shots, we got into the park as well and saw this:

The old town of Tallin is beautiful indeed, but after what I saw on my previous journey, I highly recommend the other parts of the city, too!


  1. Ihania kuvia! Seuraavalla Tallinnan vierailulla täytyy suunnistaa ratikkareissulle vanhan kaupungin sijaan.

  2. Ehdottomasti! Kyllä siinä näkee ja kokee niin paljon enemmän.


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