The short moment of dawn

Those who know me a bit, also knows that I don't wake up 5 am. Not even 6 am. What woke me up this time was an insistent fly. It tried so hard to get out of a closed window that in the end I had to stand up and open the window. That was pure luck because I happened to watch out of the window myself, and saw this beautiful dawn. And in a minute I was there with my camera to capture it for you, too.

So thanks for the fly, I managed to capture all this.

But I also learned that the dawn doesn't wait for you. At this point I run back to the cottage to get a longer lens for the birds. But once I got back, the sun was already up and the birds were away. The only thing that had patiently waited for me, was this sailing boat.


  1. Kiitos kiitos! Niin oli kyllä kauniit maisemat ja valo, ettei hirveen rumia kuvia ois voinut saadakaan! :)


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